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Filtered Water Taps – any questions?

Water filter taps, tri-flo taps, triflow taps and three way taps are effectively the same thing. They give you the option to get filtered drinking water to your kitchen tap in addition to hot and cold water. Drinking water systems usually come with a separate stand...

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5 Most Common Mistakes When Buying Water Softener

If you are fed up with living with the impact of hard water on your home, your appliances, your clothing and your health, then maybe you need to consider investing in a water softener system for your house. But before you start shopping around check out these five...

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10 Signs You Should Invest in Water Softener

Water quality varies from town to town, region to region and can even be different according to the street that you live on, so how can you tell if your water is soft or hard and whether you need to invest in water softener for your home? Ten clear signs that you need...

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Can I Use Water While My Water Softener Is Regenerating?

Water softeners all need to regenerate regularly to help keep them functioning properly and people often worry that they will be using hard water during this process. So what exactly is the regeneration cycle for and can you still use the water during this time? The...

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Debunking The Most Common Myths Around Water Softeners

Over the years many myths have built up around the use of water softener systems which can put people off buying them, and leaves them suffering with the effects of hard water for no good reason. So here are some of the most common myths people mistakenly believe:...

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