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The Little Known History Of Water Softeners

Most people think of water softeners as a fairly modern piece of technology, which came about alongside the building of modern houses, however, people have been trying to remove impurities from the water supply for thousands of years. Let’s take a look back at this...

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The Top Four Benefits of Using Water Softener

Many areas in the UK have hard water coming into their households, and while hard water is not in itself harmful, it can cause issues within the home, affecting domestic appliances over time. As a result, people often choose to use water softener to counteract this...

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Three Sure Fire Ways To Tell If You Have Hard Water

If you think you have hard water in your home, and maybe need the support of a water softener, there are several ways you can confirm the problem. Hard water can create many problems in a home including increased bills, blocked pipes and damage to appliances so it’s...

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What Does A Water Softener Do?

When you live in a hard water area it can cause havoc with your appliances, create lime scale problems around your sinks and units, and make washing a nightmare. But water softeners can solve the problem easily – so what exactly does a water softener do? What Is A...

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