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How Water Softeners Can Reduce Your Household Bills

Living in a hard water area can play havoc with your home in many different ways and can cause problems for you and your property, leading to damage, inconvenience, and large household bills. Hard water causes many issues around the home including lime scale clogging...

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Saving Money With A Water Softener

This time of year can see huge expenditure with money spent paying off Christmas and gearing up for holidays, so it’s nice to know that having a water softener in your home can actually save you money. Living in a hard water area can cause problems to your home...

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Old Water Softener System?

Water softeners are designed to last a long time – at least 10-15 years – but if you think yours might be in need of some TLC, or an upgrade, what is the best thing to do? The first thing is to look for signs that your system might be in need of repair. If your water...

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“Absolutely fantastic, the best thing we have ever installed.
My son’s eczema has reduced by 85%.”

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