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Dealing With Hard Tap Water

Dealing with hard tap water   While there are strict standards in place for the quality of our drinking water, the actual hardness or softness levels vary massively across the UK and while it’s not considered to be a direct health hazard, living in a hard water...

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Sediment Traps – do I need one?

We sell a variety of sediment traps for all applications. To date we have supplied traps to the Environment Agency, several Premier Football club kit rooms, a nuclear power station, Madame Tussauds workshops and the BBC. We were originally asked to provide something...

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New Kinetico Water Softener

  Kinetico Premier Compact – The most reliable and advanced water softener in the world. Introducing the Kinetico Premier Compact, the premium advanced non-electric water softener which uses twin-tank technology to deliver soft water 24 hours a day....

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“Absolutely fantastic, the best thing we have ever installed.
My son’s eczema has reduced by 85%.”

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