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Keeping Pottery & Art Juices Flowing


We all remember doing pottery and art at school no doubt, and the chance to be creative and messy was always a real treat, with wet clay, muddy water, chunky paint and dirty paint brushes strewn everywhere.

But then there came clean-up time at the end of the lesson and with all the messy brushes, used pots, instruments and not to mention everyone’s dirty hands, being washed at the large ceramic sink in the corner, you can’t help but wonder what would happen to all of the chunks of clay and sticky lumps of paint that inevitably must be being washed down the plughole.

In very basic terms, most waste and vent systems have a so-called sink-trap which sits under the basin and is designed to prevent gases flowing from the sewer back up through the drains and out through your sink. These are generally made from PVC or cast iron.

So imagine all the sticky clay and paint going down into that trap in the u-bend and it’s clear that it would block the plumbing system very quickly and severely if left to go straight down the pipes.

Also, while these items may not be toxic directly, they are still chemicals and putting them straight down the sink, into the sewerage system and subsequently the water supply, could also cause major problems and issues.

So, how can schools and colleges avoid causing major plumbing blockages and problems with contamination, from their art and ceramic classrooms, while still maintaining the essential level of hygiene and cleanliness?

The answer could be by setting up a different kind of sink trap under the classroom basins, such as the Eco Trap. This very easy to install, and simple to use system basically traps any solid wasted into a bottle to be easily disposed of later on.

The Eco Trap is connected underneath the basin. Once the bottle is full up it can be swapped over for an empty one, and there is no requirement to use a plumber, or any need for costly or complicated tools. It only takes a few minutes. It makes the removal of any waste collected in the bottle, quick and easy, with no requirement to touch any of it.

So it really makes the collection of the waste and the disposal of it, very quick and very easy, saving a fortune in plumber’s bills to unblock pipes and drainage systems full of sticky yucky clay deposits!

If you are setting up or upgrading a school or college art room or home pottery room, then you need to make sure you consider how you will dispose of the waste properly and effectively, particularly making sure the plumbing system will be able to cope, and consider using a specialist tool like the Eco Trap to help you.