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We supply water filters and drinking water systems for residential or commercial use. There are many benefits to filtered water – cost, environmental impact, health, enhancing flavours and reducing risk. As we are all trying to cut down on single-use plastics, a drinking water filter is a great option to reuse a water bottle and have freshly filtered drinking water on the go.

Water Filter Options

We can supply simple systems through to very advanced Reverse Osmosis systems. The Kinetico Aqua range provides filtered water similar to filter jugs. Each of the three filters provides a different level of filtration to suit your individual requirements.

As a result of no water being stored, they are much safer due to bacteria not having a chance to grow. Even more importantly, they work out much cheaper than a filter jug or bottled water and only require annual filter changes.

The RO systems filter out anything larger than a water molecule from your drinking water. So naturally occurring cadmium, radium, fluoride, oestrogen etc are removed. This leaves pure h2o and is the principle used on the space shuttle and where water needs to have an incredibly high level of filtration. This water is suitable for fish tanks and many aquarium manufacturers now recommend using reverse osmosis water for this application. 

The BWT range of drinking water systems includes a special magnesium mineralised filter. The result is an almost neutral pH value which you will appreciate for its delicious taste and softness. Perfect on its own, as a mixer or for tea and coffee.  Magnesium strengthens your immune defences and is important for your nervous system, thus ensuring reduced stress and a night of more restful sleep. Having a sufficient level of magnesium in your body also boosts your physical and mental performance – a win-win situation! BWT also provide a filter option to remove microplastics from our drinking water. 

You can purchase the BWT filter jug option through us as well as more commercial drinking water dispensers for offices and health clubs. To find out more, please call us on 01903 500551. There are so many different options, the best is to have a chat so that we can suggest the one most suited for your needs.

Extreme Water Filtration – Suitable for autoclaves

We also have a Reverse Osmosis system specifically for use with autoclave sterilisation systems. As a result of the extremely high filtration, this produces non-potable water. It is aimed at dentists, laboratories and hospital environments.

See our video below for the benefits of Magnesium water. If the video doesn’t load correctly please click Here