A new Kinetico product that provides laboratory grade water. Introducing the K5 Dental range. Designed for laboratories, dental studios and hospitals where an autoclave sterilisation unit is used.

Key features of this product are:

Reverse Osmosis: Water is pushed through a semi permeable membrane to produce clean, crystal clear, water. Purer than bottle and jug filters.

Simply the best: Independently certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation of America).

Longer lasting filters: Our patented and exclusive EverClean  ® Rinse technology dramatically prolongs the life of the reverse osmosis membrane.

Excellent flow rate: Out performs all other reverse osmosis systems.

Efficient and economical to run: Operates on demand.

Peace of mind: Eliminates guesswork from filter changes. MACguard ® accurately determines when a change is required.

Easy to change filter cartridges: Unique “Twist and lock” system makes changing filters quick and easy.

Metering system: shows you how much filter life remains.

Excellent warranty option:

1 year warranty as standard. 10 year warranty on parts available if installed with a Kinetico water softener and by an authorised Kinetico engineer.

  • Most advanced filter system of its kind
  • Removes more than any other RO unit
  • Non-electric water filter
  • Compact size fits neatly under kitchen sink


We hope that you have found this useful and please feel free to call us if you have any further questions.