Water filter taps, tri-flo taps, triflow taps and three way taps are effectively the same thing. They give you the option to get filtered drinking water to your kitchen tap in addition to hot and cold water. Drinking water systems usually come with a separate stand alone tap for drinking water, however there may not be space to fit one or you may prefer the aesthetics of a single tap in which case a tri-flo is the best option.

There are a few pitfalls to avoid when buying one though, so here’s a quick handy guide to ensure you get the right tap for your requirements.

  1. Make sure it is compatible

When people ask us about purchasing a tri-flo tap, the first question we ask is what sort of boiler system do you have? This may seem an odd question but if it is a gravity system, you will need a low pressure tap. Putting a high pressure tap onto a low pressure system means that you will get very poor flow from your hot water. A low pressure tap remedies this. Most taps these days are for high pressure or combi systems so there is very little choice when it comes to selecting a low pressure tri-flo tap

  1. Choose the right system

Do you just want a basic under counter filter or do you want a reverse osmosis system? You need to ask what you want to achieve from your filtered water. Do you want to effectively achieve the same as a Brita filter jug but on tap or do you want something more efficient which will take out anything larger than a water molecule. This will affect space under the sink so this needs to be considered as well. There are limescale reducing systems, heavy metal systems, drinking water systems that put minerals back into the water and whole house filter systems. Talk to an expert to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

  1. Levers

Tri-flo taps will either have a separate lever on the tap or a click back option where you turn the lever in the opposite direction to access the drinking water. Often the tap will have different internal pipework to ensure that the filtered drinking water does not mix with the normal hot/cold water

  1. Hard/Soft water

The under counter carbon filter systems work on a hard water supply. They are not compatible with soft water and if you have a water softener, you will need to run a hard water line to this element of the tap. The hot/cold water supply on the tri-flo tap can be on soft water though. A reverse osmosis system can work on either hard or soft water so if it is impossible to get a hard water supply to the kitchen sink and filtered drinking water is required, then the reverse osmosis system is the best option for you.

  1. Style and Finish

There are many different styles for tri-flo taps. There are swan necks, long reach taps, traditional and modern taps. Polished chrome is the most popular finish, but we supply taps in brushed steel, stainless steel and the very on trend black finish.

So if you are planning to buy a drinking water system and tri-flo tap, do some research and invest in the system that is right for you.