If you are thinking about getting a new kitchen or bathroom, the process can seem quite daunting. From looking at glossy magazines and lifestyle choices of the rich and famous to the reality of how it will fit into your space on budget.

The approach we take is very simple, the first step really is to come round and have a look at the space (or indeed the blue prints if part of an extension) and discuss your requirements over a cup of tea. We will ask about styles you like, colours, textures, discuss certain products and ask you what your budget is. This question isn’t to try and trick you it is really helpful to know where we should pitch the design. There is no point in us designing an amazing all singing, all dancing kitchen with top appliances, pop ups, pull outs, slide and hide ovens and curved units when the budget does not cater for this. We also find out how you use your kitchen – who is the main chef – what are the essentials you can’t live without etc. If it is a bathroom space, do you have to have a bath or would you rather have an amazing shower in the allocated space?

From that initial conversation, we can then do floorplans and create 3D CAD drawings showing you how the bathroom or kitchen will look in the available space.

CAD Drawing

We then discuss the design further until you are happy with it. At that point, we can then give you a price. Hopefully then you agree for us to proceed, we draw up a letter of agreement and ask for an initial payment. We normally ask for at least a 50% deposit at this stage, with a further payment of 40% due before commencement, with a 10% fitting cost payable on completion. This is a standard payment structure and whilst it may seem steep, we do have to pay for kitchens in advance of delivery.

As a company, we also look at electrics, flooring, heating, sound systems and any additional requirements you may have to ensure that you are getting what you want. We work with you the whole way and inform you of timetables and staffing. Our engineers will come out and view the property in advance of commencement.

So now we start – we try to keep noise and mess to a minimum but this is an inevitable part of what we have to do. We take out any old units and remove them for site, we then start on the first fix plumbing. Units are installed, all of our kitchen suppliers provide ready made units which cuts down the installation time enormously. Bathroom furniture is put in place and then we plaster, second fix electrics, tile, lay flooring and second fix plumbing.

If you are having a kitchen, there is always a delay in getting the work tops. Basically, once the kitchen units are all in, the worktop company will come and do a template measurement to work to exactly. There is normally a delay of at least a week between templating and installation of the worktops. Once worktops are in, second fix can happen on plumbing and the finish line is in sight!

If you require decoration, now is the time to do that and then a good clean and the space is ready for you to enjoy it.  We hope that you found our blog helpful and feel ready to take the plunge!