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Instant Boiling Water Tap

There are lots of different hot water taps on the market and we frequently get asked our opinion on them. We sell all different makes, but the main one we really like to recommend is the Quooker – this is the only only that can call itself an instant boiling water tap as the rest really are hot water taps. It delivers at 100°C in less than 1 second, is incredibly safe and versatile and is an essential kitchen gadget that we wouldn’t be without.

We are pleased to be the area dealer for the Quooker boiling water tap. We have demonstration models of the entire range in our showroom including the new Flex, Nordic Twin Taps and Fusion tap. Please come in and have a go, we will even supply the tea bags!

The applications are endless – Quooker users are still coming up with new ideas everyday!

  • Making a cup of tea
  • Poaching fish
  • Fill up a pasta pan
  • Blanch vegetables
  • Heat up plates and serving platters
  • Make coffee
  • Peel tomatoes
  • Remove candle wax and much, much more.