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There are lots of different hot water taps on the market and we frequently get asked our opinion on them.  We recommend 2 main options, the Quooker which is the only one that can call itself an instant boiling water tap as the rest really are hot water taps. It delivers at 100°C in less than 1 second, is incredibly safe and versatile and is an essential kitchen gadget that we wouldn’t be without.

The Quooker range of taps is extensive providing stand alone boiling water taps, the Fusion which is an all in one tap (including normal hot/cold water) and can have a drinking water filter attached if required, the Flex which in addition has the pull out spray or you can add the Quooker Cube which provides chilled still and sparkling water to your flex or fusion tap. 

We also sell the BWT AQA Drink. They come as an instant hot water tap with the option to include chilled still and sparkling water. Please note that these do not have the normal hot/cold tap water option so you will still require a kitchen tap for this function.  


The applications are endless for boiling water taps. 

  • Making a cup of tea
  • Poaching fish
  • Fill up a pasta pan
  • Blanch vegetables
  • Heat up plates and serving platters
  • Make coffee
  • Peel tomatoes
  • Remove candle wax and much, much more.
  • Plus they are much more economical to run than a kettle

To get some advice as to which is the best model boiling water tap for you, please contact us using this form and we will call you back.

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