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Sediment Traps

UKh2o are the largest supplier of sediment traps in Europe.

Sediment traps are designed to stop sedimentary materials and particulate debris from entering your home or workshop’s drainage system. If your plumbing and drainage systems need to be cleared after becoming blocked with sediment and waste, it can be extremely inconvenient and expensive to do. To avoid this situation occurring, it’s necessary to use sediment traps which will collect particulates and solids that would have contaminated outgoing water should they have entered it during your work process. We have some great general purpose sediment traps as well as one’s designed for specialist use.


Our previous customers include the BBC, Madame Tussauds, MITIE, GlaxoSmithKlein, Magnox, The Ministry of Defence, several Premiership football clubs and the Channel 4 archeological series, Time Team.


We supply traps for any application, so if you have a more specific enquiry (eg. Handling coffee grounds, or hair etc.) – please call us on 01903 500 551 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

What Are They Used For?

Our range of sediment and silt traps are intended for use in a variety of applications such as medical, where they collect plaster, metals and a variety of other materials which should be prevented from being allowed into the waste water system. We also provide sediment sink traps for dental surgeries and optical laboratories where they again collect metals but also plaster, ground enamel and glass. The particles that are collected are heavy and small enough to cause serious blockages and major damage should they collect in pipework, rather than in the easily maintained and cleared trap. Instead, our traps collect them and make them easy to recover and dispose of properly.


Where Are They Used?

Our traps are also popular in workshops and industries where mechanical maintenance takes place. In such work environments there are many elements which could cause problems for plumbing if there were no trap. Grinding pastes, abrasives, metal shavings and dust, sealant and paint slough would all cause problems if not handled effectively. In the jewellery industry sediment traps pay for themselves almost overnight. When the material that is being recovered is a precious metal, the dividends that collection and recovery pay make traps an obvious investment. These benefits also apply where there is the danger of loss thanks to valuables being washed or dropped down the drain. Valuables such as gem stones and precious metals can all be recovered simply and easily when the precaution of fitting a silt trap is taken.

Pottery supplies, ceramic studios and similar areas involve heavy use and concentrations of solids which can easily find their way into the waste water system. Because these workshops and studios produce a good deal of dust, grit and chips from solid matter such as plaster, clay, paint, resin as well as sand and mud, they all benefit when potential problems with drainage are effectively eliminated. We also offer sink traps for hospitals, laboratories and veterinary surgeries.

In addition to traps which collect heavier than water solids, we also have a range of traps which are designed to be used in the commercial food preparation, refuelling and lubrication industries, where they collect lighter than water products, including grease, oil and petrol.

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