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If you are thinking about investing in a Water Softener? UKh2o is the place to look and the gurus to speak to!

Due to the many available options, water treatment products can be confusing. Whether you wish to combat hard water or have purer water, as a result of over a decade of experience, UKh2o has the knowledge that you need to make the right decision for your needs.

From Kinetico water softeners and drinking water filters to BWT electric water softeners and Magnesium drinking water, we can help.  If the latest instant boiling water taps are of interest, we can advise on the most appropriate choices.  Whether it be for residential, commercial and industrial systems, UKh2o has got you covered.

In contrast to other softener retailers, we can advise how these products interact with each other.  For example, Kinetico water softeners are the only manufacturer that Quooker endorse to protect their boiling water taps.

Ironically, some drinking water filters can perish when subjected to softened water.  Rather than leave it up you to discover these potential pitfalls for yourself,  UKh2o gives the full facts ahead of time to ensure our customers to make a fully educated decision. 

So, if you are looking for Water Softeners or any kind of water treatment, give us a call, email or fill in the form below.


Water Treatment Solutions Showcase

Kinetico water softeners

Water Softeners

First of all we are installation experts but we also undertake servicing and repairs.  In contrast to many softener companies, we are experienced in residential and commercial properties.  We champion both BWT and Kinetico water softeners.
drinking water systems

Drinking Water Filters

“Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink”, as well as quoting Samuel Taylor Coleridge, we can also advise on delicious drinking water systems.
tri-flow taps

Tri-Flow Taps

You’re getting a water softener but you prefer the taste of hard water.  Therefore the answer is simple, install a hard water drinking line and a water filter.  Get the best of both worlds.
instant boiling water taps

Instant Boiling Water Taps

We love Instant boiling water taps and our absolute favourite is the Quooker.
Ask A Water Guru!

If you have a question about anything to do with water treatment, improving your water quality or specialist requirements - if it's about water you are in the right place to ask us here!

Just fill in the form and one of our Water Gurus will be in touch.

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