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Kinetico Water Softeners

How does a Kinetico water softener work? Click here to find out in more detail.

A Kinetico water softener will make a massive difference to your life, in fact, we are a bit evangelical about them here as once you have one, you can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one. In this part of the country where most of our taps have hard water, they really are essential. Not only will they cut down on your cleaning time, detergent use and make your skin and hair feel nicer, they will save on energy costs, can help reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis and make you the envy of your neighbours – it’s a real win win situation.

The Kinetico water softening system is a twin tank, non electric machine designed to fit in your kitchen cupboard. It needs to be sited near your incoming water mains and once it is installed, the only running cost is salt – we say 1 block lasts per adult between 3-6 weeks so if there are 2 of you in the household with average water usage, you will use up about 12 packs (24 blocks) of salt per year which costs about £60.

UKh2o are the exclusive authorised Kinetico dealer for the South. We cover from Whiteley in Hampshire, up to Reigate in Surrey and across to Hastings in East Sussex, incorporating all of East and West Sussex as well as parts of Hampshire, Surrey and Kent. Buying from us in this area is the only way your Kinetico water softener can be repaired under guarantee. As a Kinetico dealer, we have a wealth of technical knowledge and are highly experienced and you can be assured of getting expert advice and top quality service.

It is perfectly safe to drink Kinetico softened water – it really is down to personal preference as to what you do.There is a very slightly enhanced sodium level in softened water, but to put this into context, there is more sodium in a pint of bottled mineral water or a pint of milk than in a pint of soft water. If you prefer not to drink soft water, we can install a drinking water system to suit your needs.

One of our most popular systems was the Kinetico 2020c, until they launched their new and improved Premier Compact Kinetico Softener

We will happily talk further about why the Kinetico softeners are the best, what the benefits are, why you need one and we will even reward you if you recommend us to friends and family.

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The Kinetico difference


Non Electric

Operates using the power of moving water for greater reliability and easier installation. There are no power cables to plug-in, no meters or timers to set, no electronic components to corrode over time – and no electricity costs.


Twin Tank Design

Unique and patented twin-tank design guarantees uninterrupted supply of soft water 24/7. When one tank is regenerating (cleaning) the other takes over ensuring you always have a supply of soft water. Single-tank systems cannot offer this. Guaranteed soft water 24/7. Highly efficient.


Metered Regeneration

Technology that meters water use to accurately determine when it’s time to regenerate and clean the tanks meaning you waste less water. And when you go on holiday you don’t have to mess around with setting timers – you won’t use water so your softener knows not to regenerate.


Soft Water Rinse

One of the only twin-tank water softeners on the market to use soft water to rinse the tanks during the regeneration process.


Easy to Maintain

A convenient cleaner that hides under your kitchen sink and is very easy to maintain. Simply load with Kinetico salt blocks when needed. On average, you’ll use one block per person, per month. The convenient salt viewing window also allows you to easily see when the salt is low.


Technically Advanced

A high performance softener designed to exceed water flow rates from demanding households even when in regeneration. Service flow rate (l/min): Flow rate @ 1bar pressure drop: 33.3 (HF); 16.6 (HE) Regeneration time: 11 mins (HF); 11 minutes (HE) Salt usage: 0.34kg (HF); 0.34kg (HE)


Compact Design

One of the smallest but smartest water softeners on the market. Small but powerful with an innovative cabinet design that will fit neatly under your kitchen sink. Dimensions: h 498 mm x w 219mm x 468 d mm