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Debunking The Most Common Myths Around Water Softeners

Over the years many myths have built up around the use of water softener systems which can put people off buying them, and leaves them suffering with the effects of hard water for no good reason. So here are some of the most common myths people mistakenly believe:...

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Five Key Statistics About Water Softeners

Many people know that hard water can impact the plumbing system and cause issues with household appliances, but did you know the kind of impact it is having on you and your family in terms of cost and hours spent cleaning? Here are five key statistics you need to know...

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Four Ways Hard Water Affects Your Health

Hard water has a big impact on your home, causing staining around sinks and toilets as well as damaging pipes and appliances through mineral deposits – but what impact can it have on your health and your body? Hard water can cause issues with your skin, hair and has...

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Four Ways Hard Water Affects Your Home

If you suspect that you have hard water in your home it may be that you are having issues with lime scale stain around your sink and toilet, or a regularly blocked shower head, but hard water can cause much more damage around your home which you can’t see. Here are...

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