Customer focused Kitchen

The Challenge

We were approached by an existing client to update their Kitchen to accommodate their specific requirements. Nick is in a wheelchair and the kitchen units were too high for him to access. They wanted to retain as much storage space as possible but make the Kitchen more usable for both of them.

The Solution

Keeping the units at low level, we utilised various pull out and Le Mans attachments to increase to storage capacity and capability of the Kitchen. The lower levels meant that Nick was able to access everything he needed to get to whilst leaving the Kitchen looking modern and sleek rather than functional.

designer kitchens

More info

This project was a challenge and made our designers think outside of the box with a specific purpose in mind. It was a very rewarding project to work on and the end result was such a success and we were delighted to have been involved. We originally met the Gore’s when we installed a water softener for them and they liked working with us. As a result they asked us to undertake the kitchen project for them.



The kitchen was functional but dated…


We gave it a fresh new look whilst responding to the clients specific requirements.

kitchen design before
kitchen design after
“We are delighted with our new kitchen. It is the result I really hoped for, accessible with everything easily at hand. No more climbing on my little stool to reach top shelves & even better no more down on my knees to get to the back of cupboards.”
Mr & Mrs Gore, Findon