This time of year your house might well get a lot of use with relatives coming over, parties, more people at home during the day due to holiday time, and your water softener system needs to be able to cope to make sure your water supply is consistent throughout the festive season.

Now is the perfect time to check your water softener is in tip top condition, before the family descends on your property as the last thing you want is your softener to start on a cycle just as everyone arrives, meaning you need to wait to use your hot water.

Check the salt level is correct and perhaps it might be a good time to pop out and stock up on more salt so that you don’t run out while the shops are closed.  Make sure the salt is all topped up and your system is ready to go.

It’s also worth checking the system for any salt bridges or blockages and clearing out any salt build-up or sludge from the bottom of the tank, to make sure the system is all working correctly. If you need to run a cycle through to ensure it is all clean, then do so before your guests arrive.

Water softener can help you in your preparation for the festive season as well. If you are digging out the best crystal glasses and china, which might be a bit dusty, then you can rest assured they will all be washed without any nasty spots and stains left behind.

If your system is all working properly, then you can make sure all of your guests will be able to fully use your shower, bath, kettle and help with the washing up, without running out of soft water or suffering the consequences of hard water.

Christmas and New Year results in a lot more cooking and washing up requirements, so ensuring your water softener is running properly, means your dishwasher will be able to cope effectively and deal with all of the dirty crockery without giving it another thought, leaving you free to concentrate on entertaining everyone.

Soft water will not only leave your glasses and crockery sparkling, but will also create ice cubes which don’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, unlike hard water which can have a nasty metallic flavour – not what you want to be serving to your guests in their festive drinks.

The festive season can put more pressure on your home and its systems but with your water softener up and running you can entertain safe in the knowledge that your guests will experience only shiny glasses and china, perfect ice cubes and efficient dishwasher services after dinner.

With the water softener in place you also know that your energy bills won’t be too high, as the water based appliances will all be working at their most effective and efficient levels, meaning you can relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends with one less thing to worry about.