Many areas in the UK have hard water coming into their households, and while hard water is not in itself harmful, it can cause issues within the home, affecting domestic appliances over time. As a result, people often choose to use water softener to counteract this problem, but what are the benefits of using water softener and does it really make a difference?

Here are the top four benefits of using water softener:  

  1. Better cleaning

If you are using hard water to wash clothes or dishes, you will find that you need to use more soap and detergents than you would with soft water. You might also end up with white spots and streaks left on your clean items.

Water softener helps the soap lather up more in the first place, meaning you use less product, which will save you money. It also rinses the soap and detergent out better so when you are washing up you don’t get that residue left behind. It also makes it easier when washing your hair as well.

You will see less streaks and scum left around your sink and bathtubs after using the softened water, which will help with your cleaning schedule.

  1. Helping your appliances work better for longer

Hard water contains minerals which can build up inside your appliances and stop them working problem. If the build-up is not treated it could eventually lead to your appliances breaking down much earlier than they would in a soft water area. This applies to all household items which use water such as your washing machine, dish washer and water heater.

If you use a water softener, you can make your appliances work better and even last longer, saving yourself money in the long run and also helping to reduce waste in the environment as you won’t have to keep replacing them.

  1. More efficient water heating

If you live in a hard water area, it can take longer for your hot water heater to heat up fully compared with soft water. Studies have shown the difference in heating time can be up to 25% in some cases.

Using water softener if you have a water heater will help to make your system more efficient, because it will heat up your water more quickly, using less energy. You will get hot water sooner and lower your energy bills in one go.

  1. Cleaner pipes in your home

The same deposits which can harm your domestic appliances will also build up within your home’s pipes and plumbing fittings. They can cause blockages and also corrode the pipe materials. Water softeners help stop these deposits occurring, so can help your water systems work more effectively and last longer.

There are many benefits to using water softener in your home which will help to improve the environment, by reducing energy usage, reducing waste and making your systems work better. Investing in water softener will help to save money in the long run with lower bills and less spending on detergents and replacement appliances.