We sell a variety of sediment traps for all applications. To date we have supplied traps to the Environment Agency, several Premier Football club kit rooms, a nuclear power station, Madame Tussauds workshops and the BBC. We were originally asked to provide something to stop the drains at a scenic workshop from filling up and overflowing with unwanted paint, plaster and sediment. We couldn’t find anything suitable that was available in the UK so we looked further afield. Sourcing what looked ideal from abroad, we imported 5 of them to try them out. They needed to be converted for UK plumbing which we undertook to ensure that they were compatible. We have subsequently become the European distributor for these traps and sell them all over Europe.

The main reason for having a sediment trap is to stop anything going into the drain that shouldn’t. Drain repairs can be expensive and you could be fined if you are found to be dumping sediment into the drainage system. We provide traps that can stop clay, plaster, hair, coffee grounds, precious metals, mud, grass, or artists materials from entering the drains. Paint can also be stopped however if it is water based paint, there is little that can be done to stop this in a trap as the paint dissolves. The traps are easy to fit and clean leaving downtime to a minimum. These traps are very popular with schools, art blocks, potters, science labs, workshops and dentists.

We really can provide a solution to most problems so if you want to find out more, give us a ring on 01903 500 551. We have our best sellers listed on our web site, but we can also provide more specific traps if required.