This time of year can see huge expenditure with money spent paying off Christmas and gearing up for holidays, so it’s nice to know that having a water softener in your home can actually save you money.

Living in a hard water area can cause problems to your home increasing your household bills, energy use and also cost in extra cleaning products to get rid of the stains and residue which hard water leaves behind.

What is hard water?

Water bubbles up through rock and soil from underground, before it arrives in your home, so if the soil where you live contains high calcium and magnesium levels from the rocks. This is the cause of hard water in your home so it is all a case of geography.

How does soft water save money?

Soft water doesn’t cause the kind of damage which hard water creates in your home, for example, the minerals in hard water lead to deposits which clog up your pipes, meaning that your washing machine, boiler and dishwasher can’t work efficiently.

When your appliances can’t work efficiently, they use up more energy so your electricity and water bills will go up. Soft water helps to stop this problem meaning your energy bills will be reduced, adding a welcome extra to your festive budget.

Hard water can also damage your household appliances, meaning they need to be repaired frequently or even need replacing, far more frequently than in households with soft water. So by using a water softener in your home, you will be protecting your appliances and helping to reduce costs associated with repairs and replacements.

When using a water softener, you also save money from not having to buy specialist lime scale cleaning products. This is because hard water leaves stains and marks around your sinks and toilet, which required specialist products to remove them. Your water softener means you will save money on cleaning products.

You will also see a reduction in the amount of personal soap, shampoo, washing up powder and washing up liquid you need to buy because soft water works with these products more effectively. Hard water makes it hard to create lather, meaning you use more of the product every time, costing more money.

Hard water at home costs you money by creating problems with your appliances, causing repairs and replacement costs, as well as an increase in the requirement for washing products and specialist cleaners. But using a water softener system in your home will prevent all of these problems, helping you to reduce household bills, reduce repair costs and lower your shopping bills.

Your water softener does a lot more than just create pleasant to drink and easy to use water for your home, it actually helps make your household appliances run more effectively, makes your cleaning products work better and overall saves you money across the board so after the initial investment to have it installed you will find it pays for itself very quickly.