Under Counter Water Chiller CH1


Compact discreet under counter chiller

Chills filtered water to 3 degrees C


Under Counter Chiller

Compact water chiller for instant chilling of drinking water.
The mains water connection saves the need for replacement of heavy, costly water bottles as chilled water is available immediately as required.
The chiller sits neatly under a work surface.
No drain is required for the chiller.
The outer cabinet of the chiller and all internal parts are stainless steel for maximum hygiene

The chiller is thermostatically controlled and electricity consumption is kept to the minimum as the unit is direct chill so has no ice jacket to maintain for cooling.
A neat compact unit for cool fresh water.
Size:  26 x 23.5 x 40.5 cm (width, depth, height)

Filtered water is chilled to 3 degrees C. A thermostat mounted just above the on/off switch can be adjusted enabling customers to set the chilled water temperature.

Produces 15l/h / 3 litres at once of chilled filtered water

Price does not include delivery or filter