AquaTaste Better Tasting Water


A simple delicious drinking water system to give water clear of taste, odour, chlorine and sediment. Much cheaper than bottled mineral water.

A separate tap is required – either a stand alone drinking water tap or a tri-flo tap.


Key Features

First of all – Better tasting water. Produces clear water ideal for preparing food; cooking pasta, washing and preparing fruits and vegetables..

High quality filter. The Aquataste filter uses a 5 micron granular activated Carbon filter. As a result it improves the taste, odour and colour of your drinking water.

Independently certified. In contrast to many other filters, the Aquataste is certified to NSF International Standard 42. Consequently it delivers continuous water quality throughout its entire lifetime.

Simple and easy installation. Fits easily under the kitchen sink due to it compact design.

Efficient and economical. Doesn’t require electricity.

Peace of mind. Each filter is fitted with a patented devise that measures the amount of water. As a result it stops the flow of water once it is exhausted. Consequently it ensure that you alway get your better tasting water.

Easy to change filter cartridges. Unique “twist and lock” system makes changing filters childs play.

Easy filter metering system. This shows how much life remains so you know when to obtain a replacement. Replacements cost £44.12. They require changing annually or every 1,850 litres whichever is sooner.

12 month warranty. On parts excluding filter cartridge and labour. So, you know that the product will last a long time.

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