Hard water has a big impact on your home, causing staining around sinks and toilets as well as damaging pipes and appliances through mineral deposits – but what impact can it have on your health and your body? Hard water can cause issues with your skin, hair and has also been linked to health conditions. Here are four ways in which hard water can affect your health:

  1. Skin problems

Hard water doesn’t interact well with cleansing products like soap and shower gel, failing to rinse them off your skin properly. This leaves soap residue and scum on your skin which can lead to skin irritation and skin conditions.

Conditions such as eczema and dry itchy skin are commonly linked with bathing and washing regularly in hard water. Long term use of hard water can create or exacerbate conditions as the soap residue builds up on the skin.

  1. Hair problems

Not rinsing shampoo and conditioner properly can lead to dandruff, but also lank and lifeless looking hair. Hard water causes problems by failing to rinse out shampoo properly from your scalp, leaving a scummy residue every time you wash your hair.

Hard water also fails to create lather effectively so you will find yourself using more product than normal to try to wash your hair, which will then exacerbate the problem because it will also fail to rinse out.

  1. Health problems caused by high mineral levels

Studies have shown that drinking hard water, which contains high levels of some minerals, can cause health conditions, or worsen them including cardiovascular disease, heart disease, kidney stones and high blood pressure.

There have been connections made in some studies with increased cancer risk from certain types of cancer, as well as increased risk of certain neural diseases, all linked with regular drinking of hard water.

  1. Horrible tasting water

When you have hard water it can have a nasty taste to it due to the mineral content, which can put family members off drinking it. Clearly it’s important to drink water regularly for your health so having hard water can create problems when it affects the taste, meaning you either need to buy bottled water, or add flavours to the tap water – either way adding more cost to your shopping bill and potentially more sugar into your diet.

Drinking hard water long term could potentially have a serious impact on your health, including raising risk of certain health conditions, as well as potentially wreaking havoc with your skin and hair because it fails to rinse out products properly, leaving behind scum and residue. It also has a very unappealing taste meaning family members, particularly children, might become less inclined to drink water regularly which could also have a negative impact on their health.

Installing a water softener in your home can resolve all of these issues, removing the nasty taste and ensuring your hair and skin will be soap and shampoo-free after every single wash, helping to reduce the risk of skin irritation.