AquaScale Limescale Water Filter


Help reduce limescale in your drinking water – ideal if you want to use this water in your kettle and you don’t want a water softener

A separate tap is required – either a stand alone drinking water tap or a tri-flo tap.


Limescale Filter. Are you sick of limescale building up within your kettle and kitchen tap? It’s because of this common complaint that Kinetico created the Aquascale filter. Rather than putting up with the scale, filter it out.
Many water softener customers continue to have their kitchen tap on hard water. As a result of this the problem of scale within the kettle will not go away. The Aquascale is the answer to this problem. The supply remains on hard water, avoiding health concerns. But in contrast to having no filter, you also remove the scale as well.

Key Features

Limescale Reduction. Most noteworthy is the Aquascale’s ability to minimise scale build-up. Consequently your kettle and iron remain in pristine condition will certainly last longer.

Delicious tasting water. Furthermore it produces clear drinking water. Ideal for cooking pasta and preparing food.

High quality filter. As a result of the high quality filtration, chlorine and other contaminates are likewise removed.

Simple and easy to install. Fits easily and neatly under the kitchen sink.

Efficient and economical to run. Does not require electricity.

Easy to change Limescale Filter cartridges. Unique “twist and lock” system makes changing filters childs play. Replacement filters cost approx. £40 and need to be changed every 5-8 months.

12 month warranty. On parts excluding filter cartridge and labour. Consequently you get the peace of mind knowing that it will last.

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