Kinetico Premier Plus Softener


The Kinetico Premier Plus Softener is a larger capacity softener suitable for 4+ bathrooms. Perfectly suited for mega flo and combi boilers.This machine really can cope with the larger flow rates.



Kinetico Premier Plus Softener combines all the engineering excellence that you would receive from the Premier Compact plus the additional capabilities to deal with the higher flow rates of larger properties and a larger salt bin so topping up is less frequent.

So Why not just get a Smaller and Cheaper Softener?

Because of advancements in technology and general changes of best practice, house builders and renovators are using different methods to heat our homes. This is partially due to the phasing out of old fashioned Gravity Hot Water Systems.
Consequently larger properties are now fitted with large combi boilers or mega flow style hot water systems. For that reason significantly larger pipework is required to accommodate these systems.

So how does that change anything?

A smaller softener may soften the water ‘Just fine’ and then clearly seems like a better deal. However, for the reason that over working the machine will ‘significantly’ reduce its lifespan this is certainly not the case. As a result, over the same period of time you may be forced to purchase another machine whereas you may have been able to avoid this. The Premier Plus has a larger resin tank and a larger salt bin so you will not be topping up as frequently.

To quote an old proverb:

Buy cheap, buy twice!

So Why Get a Kinetico Premier Plus Softener?

  • Twin-tank softener that guarantees soft water 24 hours a day.
  • Designed for properties with 4 or more bathrooms.
  • Setup to accommodate 22mm pipework.
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty.
  • Soft water can help many skin conditions such as Eczema.
  • Economical to use with low tablet salt consumption.
  • No additional electrical components that may go wrong.
  • Internal metering for maximum efficiency.
  • Saves money and the environment.

481mm W
400mm D
650mm H


Please note that this machine does not come with a fitting kit as standard. This can be ordered separately

For 28mm or larger pipework please contact us direct Contact

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