Frost Free Cabinet – External Installations


A frost free cabinet to keep your softener safe outside! Available in black or grey (beige).


Frost Free Cabinet – If your softener needs to be installed outside, then it needs to be in one of these.

The Frost Free Cabinets are available in black or grey (beige) to match the colour of your properties external waste pipes. These are normally white or black. These are a Kinetico product designed for the Kinetico Premier Compact water softeners but will obviously fit other softener models of a similar size.

To comply with Building and Water Regulations the cabinet is made entirely of durable and Opaque plastic. This keeps it water tight and prevents Ultra-Violet light from getting to the softener. There is no ongoing maintenance in contrast to wooden cabinets. Wooden cabinets will warp without expensive annual treatment. These are also much most cost effective than aluminium cabinets.
The inside of the Frost Free Cabinet is laced with 1 inch / 2.5cm depth of Celotex insulation. The insulation keeps the cold out while allowing the heat escaping the building to enter through the rear. Due to this simple but effective dual method the softener contents is prevented from freezing. Similarly during the summer the same process protects the softener from heat and humidity.

Internal Dimensions: h 515mm x w 518mm x d 335mmoutside_cabinet_beige__10943.1474892614outside_cabinet__43721.1474892602-1
External Dimensions: h 595mm x w 610mm x d 390mm

If you require a larger size of cabinet,  then the only real answer is to get a bespoke one made by a local carpenter. If you are in our Worthing area, we can advise someone to assist.

Please ensure that they fully insulate the box if making one.

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