Combi-Care Limescale Inhibitor


A way to protect your boiler and the pipework supplying it without using softened water. The higher ph of softened water can result in some manufacturers voiding your warranty. Get peace of mind of knowing that you have avoided that potential problem with the Combi-care. Available for 15mm or 22mm pipework.


Combi boiler scale protection. Rust and limescale are the largest killers of combi boilers. Removing limescale is simple with a water softener but:-

The Reality – For Some Customers

Boiler warranties can be VOIDED by some manufacturers if softened water supplies their boilers. It is claimed that a higher ph level in softened water causes damage. Consequently, forcing customers to fill their boilers with hard water. As a result, the boiler lifespan is significantly reduced. Literally chocked away due the limescale. The irony is that, the boiler manufacturers warranty is often also voided if limescale is present!

What Can I Do? – Combi Boiler Scale Protection

Thankfully for those with the Combi-care, accepting ‘There’s No other Option’ is no longer the case. The compact system is installed on the pipework. Similarly to other appliance protection products. You fill the boiler system with hard water. The warranty remains ‘Unvoided’ due to keeping the manufacturer happy. The magic and all of the work is done by the Combi-care. When required it doses the hard water with the correct amount of Polyphosphate.

What does Polyphosphate actually do?

The limescale within the hard water is prevented from clumping together by the Polyphosphate. Consequently, this prevents possible blockages. The cartridge is designed to last a full 12 months. As a result of the scale being prevented from building up within the pipes, it remains within the water. The scale can then be flushed away as part of your annual drain down and boiler service. Likewise, the combi-care cartridge is easily replaced within a few minutes. Providing another full year of protection against limescale and peace of mind.

Anything else that I should know?

The Combi-care comes with a handy date indicator. This simply reminds you of the month that it was installed. As a result, it is easy to see when it requires replacing.
These units can be affected by hot water transfer back down the system from the boiler. Therefore, the Combi-care should be as far from the boiler as possible. A minimum of 1m. Do not install where ambient temperature exceeds 40°C.

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