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SL14P low hood

BWT Electric Water Softener

£1,000.00 exc VAT - £1,200.00 inc VAT

A fantastic electric water softener at a very competitive price manufactured by BWT. Comes with a 5 year parts warranty.

The price quoted is for a fully installed price only. Please call us on 01903 500551 to organise.

Product Description

 SL14P high hood


This very reliable, compact water softener has some great features.

  • Block and tablet salt models available
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Audible low salt reminder
  • Price includes fitting kit
  • Advanced memory function for predictive regeneration based on water usage patterns
  • Optimum inlet and outlet sizing for reliable and consistent flow rates
  • High capacity resin for the maximum amount of softened water between regenerations
  • Counter current regeneration reverses the water flow, ensuring that the whole resin bed is treated and regenerated efficiently
  • Proportional brining regenerates only the part of the resin bed that has been exhausted for optimum water and salt efficiency


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