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BWT’s Aqa Total is a revolution in water treatment. It treats the water without the need for salt or any plumbing for overflow and waste. An annual filter change is all that is required to ensure limescale free water without the hassle.


The BWT Aqa total is a revolution in water treatment.

The system treats water and protects against limescale via a filter system which is changed annually. This system is ideal in places where there is no drain for the waste or overflow as there is no plumbing required. The Aqa Total system sits directly after the incoming mains and removes all limescale from your property. The filter reverses the polarity on both ends of the water molecule unlike traditional water conditioners that only reverse one end. It stabilises the limescale dissolved in the water leaving important minerals unaffected. It is fully automatic and suitable for water hardness up to 350ppm – for areas with higher water hardness, please contact us to discuss other Aqa Total options.
This makes this product a stand out in its field and totally revolutionary.

The systems come in a variety of sizes.
The Nano is suitable for domestic use in properties with 15mm-28mm cold water pipework with a capacity up to 110m³ (110,000 litres) between filter changes.
Larger systems with a mix of filters can be provided for large residential, light commercial and even for full industrial usage – please contact us for more info.

This product is supplied with a pre-filter as standard. This pre-filter is designed with an integrated pressure reducer and gauge and provides high-quality whole house filtration simply and safely by preventing particles such as rust and sand from entering your home’s domestic water supply system.

The system will treat all water without the need for adding salt. It leaves the water feeling soft and is completely drinkable (potable). It works with all drinking water filter systems already in place.
It is also especially popular in care homes and hotels as the water does not feel slippery in the shower so is safe for elderly residents.

Product comes with full fitting kit (15mm, 22mm or 28mm) and instructions.

Dimensions: 300mm (w) 710mm (h) 290mm (d)
Max flow rate 25 litres per minute
Energy consumption 0.018 kWh per m³
Power on standby mode 1.8Wh
Max operating pressure 16bars

This really is a fantastic product that changes the way that water treatment has traditionally worked.

See the full Alternative Water Treatment brochure here

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