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Tri-flow & Drinking Water Taps

So what exactly is a tri-flow tap? Basically it’s a very clever tap that allows you to have your filtered water supply dispensed though the main kitchen tap along with your hot and cold water. The tap can have¬†dual spouts – hot & cold operated by one lever and filtered water operated by another lever, or there is a push back option on the cold tap.

If you don’t want to install an additional tap to the side of your sink on your work surface, a tri-flow or three-way tap is the ideal solution.

Softened Water:

With a Kinetico water softener, it is perfectly safe to drink softened water and you do not need a separate hard water drinking line these days. It is down to personal preference Рdrink softened water, have a hard water drinking line or have filtered water. A tri-flow tap can just have a hard water drinking line and not filtered water and likewise you do not have to have a water softener to have a drinking water system.

Drinking Water Taps:

We also have a separate drinking water tap range and can supply chiller systems if this is preferred.

We are Grohe Suppliers and can supply and install Grohe Blue taps giving chilled, filtered and sparkling water direct to your sink.