If you think you have hard water in your home, and maybe need the support of a water softener, there are several ways you can confirm the problem. Hard water can create many problems in a home including increased bills, blocked pipes and damage to appliances so it’s important to find out for sure if this is affecting your house. Here are three easy ways to tell if you have hard water.

  1. Try The Soap In A Bottle Test

This is not a hugely scientific test but it will give you an idea of how hard or soft your water might be, as a starting point.

  • Fill a clear plastic bottle with your tap water
  • Add ten drops of liquid hand soap into the bottle and shake it so the soap mixes with the water
  • Check for bubbles – if there are lots of bubbles on the top, your water is soft
  • If there are few bubbles, then keep adding drops of soap, five/ten drops at a time, and shaking again
  • The number of drops needed to create bubbles gives an indication of the water hardness – the more drops needed, the harder the water
  1. Check your house for soap scum and lime scale deposits

Hard water can leave lime scale deposits and stains around your bathtub, sink and shower head, also you will see lime scale on the inside of your kettle, so check your household equipment for these tell-tale signs that you are dealing with hard water in your home.

Soap scum might also be sticking to your clothes as hard water doesn’t rinse effectively so check your clothes for any deposits or marks, or changes in colour to key fabrics as these can also be a sign of hard water.

If your glassware has white spots and etching across them after being washed, this is another sign that you are living with hard water in your home. The white spots can often be removed with abrasive cleaning but the etching can damage the glass.

Check your showerhead – is it working properly and when you use the shower is the soap and shampoo being rinsed from your skin and hair fully, or are you left with a soapy film or residue which causes skin irritation?

  1. Get Your Water Tested

If you want a really accurate result than talk to your water board and ask them to tell you the hardness level of the water so that you know once and for all. You could also ask a water softener company to carry out a free test for you, or buy a test kit online and do it yourself.

Once you know you have hard water, it’s not the end of the world as there are many water softener systems around which can be easily and quickly installed and fitted into your home, to help resolve all of the problems and issues which hard water can create in a house.