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UKST037 Gleco Trap

£219.00 exc VAT - £262.80 inc VAT

A larger version of our ever popular UKST018 Trap – an efficient, compact and affordable trap that is ideal for potters, art blocks, dentists, jewellery makers and other similar applications.


Product Description

Technical product information: CURRENT UKST018 Compact Trap Installation Guide

The Gleco Trap Kit provides you with an economical sediment waste trap that is easily installed and maintained.
The unit is connected below the sink and collects solids in a bottle, which has a fill line. When the solids reach the fill line, the trap is drained through a valve.

The bottle is then exchanged with a replacement bottle, the valve shut and the trap is back in service.
Bottle exchange is rapid and done without the need of tools in less than 2 minutes. The full bottle can then be emptied responsibly, washed and is ready for reuse.
No fuss, no mess.

The temperature of the water must not be above 37 °C (hand hot) as it may compromise the fittings

The 037 trap uses the same fittings as the 018 trap, just with larger bottles. As a result, a baton or similar will need to be placed underneath the trap so that it does not pull on the fittings when full of sediment/liquid.

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