BWT Aqa Total

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BWT’s Aqa Total is a revolution in water treatment. It softens the water without the need for salt or any plumbing for overflow and waste. An annual filter change is all that is required to ensure soft water without the hassle.


The BWT Aqa total is a revolution in water treatment.

The system softens water via a filter system which is changed annually. This system is ideal in places where there is no drain for the waste or overflow as there is no plumbing required. The Aqa Total system sits directly after the incoming mains and removes all limescale from your property.

The systems come in a variety of sizes. The Nano is suitable for domestic use with a single filter change. Larger systems with a mix of filters can be provided for large residential, light commercial and even for full industrial usage.

The system will soften all water without the need for adding salt. It leaves the water feeling soft and is completely drinkable. It is also especially popular in care homes and hotels as the water does not feel slippery in the shower so is safe for elderly residents.

This really is a fantastic product which changes the way that water treatment has traditionally worked.

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