If you suspect that you have hard water in your home it may be that you are having issues with lime scale stain around your sink and toilet, or a regularly blocked shower head, but hard water can cause much more damage around your home which you can’t see. Here are the four key ways in which hard water can affect your home:

  1. Clogged pipes

Hard water creates a build-up of mineral deposits within your home’s plumbing system. Over time this deposit can coat the inside of pipes within the system and eventually lead to blockages. This can impact on water flow into the house and into your appliances, creating problems with all of your appliances including heating systems. Eventually the pipes could become completely blocked which would require professional help.

  1. Increased energy bills

This is one impact which most people don’t think about with hard water. But hard water has a strong impact on appliances making them work inefficiently – this means they use up more energy than normal and can increase your bills. The blocked pipes reduce water flow into appliances, making them work harder and increasing your bills further. Just a 1/4″ of limescale in your pipes can add up to 38% more energy usage.

  1. Increased product spending

Hard water doesn’t interact very well with soap and detergent products so you will find yourself using more washing powder and washing up liquid to try to create bubbles when doing the washing up or washing your clothes, which will add to your shopping bill over time. Your dishwasher will also use up more detergent and water than in a soft water area so all of these added together means you will spend far more on washing products.  You will also spend money on specialist lime scale removal products to help keep your bathroom and kitchen clean, due to hard water. Having a softener means no more viakal or calgon, no rinse aid, salt or powerball tablets in a dishwasher, no fabric conditioner, no need for body lotions, hand lotions, or hair conditioners. All of these savings can make a big financial impact.

  1. Increased cleaning time

Hard water causes unpleasant and difficult to remove staining so you will find yourself spending far more time than usual cleaning, particularly in your bathroom and kitchen. Hard water creates lime scale stains around the sink, taps, and in the toilet, but it will also create stains on glass shower screens, making them appear opaque over time, requiring regular cleaning. You will also need to regularly descale your shower head to keep it working properly as well as smaller appliances like your kettle. Soft water homes don’t experience these extra cleaning problems.

Hard water impacts hugely on your home in ways you can see, via stains on sinks and toilets, as well as in more hidden ways with mineral deposit build-ups in your pipes and plumbing systems. It can cause havoc with your appliances making them work far less efficiently, and creating damage which can stop them working altogether eventually.

Hard water creates issues with the way products work, making soap and detergents work inefficiently, and it also rinses them out poorly causing white stains and soap residue left on glasses and dishes after washing.

A water softener installed in your home can resolve all of these hard water problems as soon as it is installed, protecting your home from the harmful effects of hard water.