With many of us in the UK living in a hard water area we are used to it and just put up with the lime scale issues in the bathroom and kitchen. But what we don’t realise is all the other potential issues which hard water could be causing in our homes on a daily basis. Here are the five areas of your house which could be under attack right now:

  1. Pipes

Hard water is caused by minerals in the water and over time, these can build up to create deposits. While indoors you might notice that as lime scale stains in your sink and toilet, inside your pipes could be far worse. These deposits can build up and start to clog pipes meaning the water system around your house can’t run efficiently, slowing down your appliances and your heating system. This can add to your energy bills.

  1. Household Appliances

Just as the mineral deposits build up inside your plumbing system pipes, they also build up in any of your appliances which rely on water, such as your washing machine, dishwasher and hot water boiler. So inside all of these appliances, mineral deposits could be building up, preventing them from working properly, adding to your energy bills and potentially leading to appliance breakdowns.

  1. Bathroom

Ever noticed that your showerhead stops being quite so effective on a fairly regular basis? That’s down to the hard water in your home clogging up the holes which allow the water to spray out. These get clogged over time and eventually you will need to buy a whole new shower head. Using a water softener in your home could prevent all of these issues.

  1. Dishwasher

When you live in a hard water area, you might notice that your dishes don’t clean as well and are left with spots and stains and not as sparkling as you’d like. This is because hard water doesn’t interact as effectively with most soap and detergents as soft water would, making it much harder to rinse off all the product effectively. You end up with a residue of detergent left behind.

  1. Your wardrobe

This one might not be so obvious but hard water, over time, will have an impact on your clothing. It makes it harder for your washing machine to work properly and it’s also harder to rinse out all of the washing powder, meaning your clothing is getting a raw deal every time it’s washed. You might notice white marks where the powder hasn’t been rinsed away. It can even lead to skin irritation and skin problems over time. Colours also fade more quickly with hard water.

Hard water doesn’t just cause annoying stains around your sink and toilet it can affect almost every area of your home without you necessarily noticing the problem. But over time it will cause appliances to breakdown and energy bills to rise. Using a water softener in your home can alleviate all of these potential issues before they occur.